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Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Essay blog

This blog presents every month brief summaries about the operational, strategic and reputational risk management state of art.



  • Operational Risk in the health sector in Colombia (English, Spanish)
  • Using Bayesian networks to model expected and unexpected operational losses (English, Spanish)
  • UK Cyber Security. The role of insurance in managing and mitigating the risk (English, Spanish)
  • Operational risk management for insurers (English, Spanish)
  • Operational risk associated with the strategy implementation (English, Spanish)
  • Managing differences. The central challenge of global strategy (English, Spanish)
  •  2014

  • How smart-connected products are transforming competition (English, Spanish)
  • Sales force design (English, Spanish)
  • Pricing over the product life cycle (English, Spanish)
  • Operational risk management methodology: a business case in Brazil (Spanish)
  • Strategic and operational risks (Spanish)
  • El procedimiento pericial de la liquidación de daños (Spanish)
  • Exploring corporate strategy: the environment (Spanish)
  • 2013

  • A framework for integrating reputational risk into the ERM (Spanish)
  • Strategic risk management (Spanish)
  • 2012

  • Governing a risk appetite (Spanish)
  • The role of the CRO and the Board (Spanish)
  • Managing conduct risk (Spanish)
  • Risk management clockspeed (Spanish)
  • Shapping and developping a risk culture (Spanish)
  • New generation of risk management (Spanish)
  • KRIs: sound practice guidance (Spanish)
  • Reputation and its risks (Spanish)
  • Modeling operational risk based on multiple experts' opinions (Spanish)
  • KRIs: the forgotten input (Spanish)
  • KRIs and risk appetite (Spanish)
  • 2011

  • Determinants of insurers' reputational risk (Spanish)
  • A simple formula for operational risk capital (Spanish)
  • Integración de los métodos cualitativos y cuantitativos (Spanish)
  • ORSA: developping and implementing an own risk and solvency assessment (Spanish)
  • Operational risk: scenario analysis (Spanish)
  • Riesgo de reputación: revisión teórica y aproximación a su valoración (Spanish)
  • Una respuesta de indicador de riesgo legal (Spanish)
  • A structured approach to building predictive KRIs (Spanish)